About me

Hi, thank you for your interest in my blog. My name is Alejandro from Buenos Aires, Argentina living in Belfast, United Kingdom from 2017. From the early age I have a strong curiosity in other cultures and remote places but I never tried to travel until the year 2009 when I travelled for the first time outside of my native city Buenos Aires to Europe. After this initial journey my life and motivations changed completely and I started to set travel goals trying to work at the same time in a 9am-6pm office job with basic salary and 2 weeks of holidays a year.

When I retuned from my first trip to Europe I started travelling to Latin America, trying to extend the holidays, asking for day off from time to time  and with my bank account in negative.

After several years travelling between Europe and America I realised I didn’t know my own country, so I started travelling during the weekends to different towns and provinces, optimising the time connecting different transports with a few hours of sleep in order to have the best travel experience and come back to the office next Monday.

At that time in Argentina the government started with the economical restrictions in order to ease the economical crisis. These new economic control measures started with restrictions to buy foreign currency, taxes for credit card payments abroad and limit for the extraction of foreign currency in local and ATMs in abroad. Travel abroad was practically a big challenge.

During this time the economical restrictions became worst every month until practically I wasn’t available to buy foreign money, paying 21% extra to use the credit card abroad and with no possibility to use the ATM abroad. In this scenario I was thinking in the idea of live in a country with economical freedom and where I can travel easily without living my IT job.

After a few years of planning, some savings, documentation searching and investigation I decided to migrate to Manchester, United Kingdom in 2015. I left my office job and then with 1000 pounds in my pocket, one way ticket, basic English and a dream, I left Argentina and entered in the unknown.

I literally started my life from the begging in another country, with no job, no money, no language but happy to feel the freedom and joy of living in a multicultural and completely different environment. At that time as I didn’t want to finish at the street so after a painful search I started working with 0 hours contract (temporary / per hours) in non qualification jobs around England with base in Manchester.

The jobs were hard but my focus was in travelling as much as I can, improve my English level and meet people from different part of the world.

After a few months of intense learning life experience I decided to come back to a normal office job in order to have a normal life and start to travel according to my plans but return to the normal job office with lack of good English language and a gap in my CV was one of the most important challenge in my career.

Finally happy to write these words living and working in Belfast, United Kingdom and travelling to practically any part of the world more easily.

About www.rumbonseo.com

This blog emerged in September of 2018 from an old blogspot https://rumbonseo.blogspot.com with the idea of create a more serious and useful approach for people interested in visit new places around the world in cheapest way.  Obviously the post reflect my own experience and travel mindset but hopefully it serve as guide and inspiration for future trips.

All the images included in the blog are from my exclusive property, taken along years of trips and updated in my Flickr Account, so if you want to download under demand you can do that asking using the contact form in order to avoid future issues with the copyrights.

The content of the post is from my property and experience as well; information about timetibles, museums and transportation will be redirect to their original websites.

Here also I don’t share three party information or any other information which attempt against the privacy or intellectual property. Cookies are collected only for content analysis and improve the quality of publications.

I’m not responsible for the republish and manipulation of this content in other blogs, social media or another electronic media without my permission.

About visited sites

I don’t have any particular preference for a country or site at the time of select my travel destination. Majority of the places have something unique and interesting which distinguishes them from the others. Make a new cheapest, good quality and time improvement itinerary is always an interesting challenge and also give skills for another areas in life.

Lastly, there are different ways for travelling. I found mine trying to balance my professional life and free time. That’s working for me but no necessarily work for everybody, so please use be free to use the ideas and adapt them to your travel mindset.

List of countries visited at the moment:

  1. Albania
  2. Germany
  3. Argentina
  4. Armenia
  5. Austria
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Belarus
  8. Bolivia
  9. Brazil
  10. Bulgaria
  11. Belgium
  12. Chile
  13. Cyprus
    • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  14. Colombia
  15. Croatia
  16. Cuba
  17. Denmark
    • Faroe Islands
  18. Ecuador
  19. Slovakia
  20. Slovenia
  21. Spain
  22. United States
    • ONU
  23. Egypt
  24. Estonia
  25. Finland
  26. France
  27. Georgia
  28. Greece
  29. Netherlands
  30. Hungary
  31. Ireland
  32. Israel
    • West Bank
  33. Italy
  34. Vatican
  35. San Marino
  36. Jordan
  37. Kazakhstan
  38. Kosovo
  39. Latvia
  40. Lithuania
  41. Luxemburg
  42. North Macedonia
  43. Morocco
  44. Moldova
    • Transnistria
  45. Norway
    • Svalbard
  46. Paraguay
  47. Peru
  48. Poland
  49. Portugal
    • Azores Islands
  50. United Kingdom
    • Isle of Man
    • Jersey
    • Orkney Islands
    • Shetland Islands
  51. Czechia
  52. Rumania
  53. Russia
  54. Serbia
  55. Sweden
  56. Switzerland
  57. Tunisia
  58. Turkey
  59. Ukraine
  60. Uruguay

For any suggestion or another enquiries please be free to send me an email to the following direction: rumbonseo@gmail.com

Thank you again for your visit and hopefully the information here will be useful for you.


13th October 2018

Belfast, Reino Unido