The idyllic route Myrdal – Flåm in Norway

The route Myrdal – Flåm in Norway is considered one of the best train route in the world because pass throw amazing natural landscapes, mountains, small waterfalls, fjords and rivers in just only 20 kilometres of travel. If the train is not cover your travel expectations the same route can be cover by an alternative path using different variety of transport:

  1. Touristic train
  2. Rent a bike
  3. Trekking
  4. eMobility






Touristic train

As this train is very popular and the most common option if you don’t have enough time, the capacity is limited and we’ll need to buy a ticket in advance. The good news is, we can do that easily from the official Norwegian Railway page NSB:

If you planning to explore different areas by train there are intermediate stations between Myrdal – Flåm but as the train capacity is usually full is a little bit complicated come back to the train and have a seat.


Important information

Travel time: 50 minutes

Distance Myrdal -Flåm: 20.2km

Price: 350 NOK ~ 40 Dollars Single Ticket o 550 NOK ~ 65 dollars Return Ticket

Timetable Flåm – Myrdal -Flåm

Departure Flåm 08:35 09:45 11:05 12:20 14:40 16:50
Arrival Myrdal 09:28 10:43 12:01 13:15 15:30 17:40
Departure Myrdal 09:40 10:58 12:13 13:27 15:45 18:00
Arrival Flåm 10:35 11:55 13:10 14:25 16:30 18:45


Rent a bike

From Oslo or Bergen is possible to carry the bike in the train but the best option is rent a mountain bike in Myrdal station for a day. The bicycles stand works all day outside of the Station Bar. At that time during high season there were too many available but is better to reserve in advance:

The distance between Myrdal and Flåm is around 19 kilometres in a asphalt road, so is perfect for cycling and cover the path Myrdal-Flan-Myrdal in around 5 hours. If the weather is not too bad the road difficulty for cycling is low; going down and up from and to Myrdal Station is the only challenge because is not possible to cycling there and there is not a road, just meandering ground road.


Goats Blockage



This option is only available in Flåm. Basically there is an small electric vehicle available to rent for 2 hours. For more information follow the next link:



How to go to Myrdal?

Myrdal location is not the best if we planning a visit from Bergen or Oslo because is in the middle and the time travel is practically the same but the good news is the train has a very good frequency and route Bergen – Oslo is considered one of the best in Norway and in the world.


Bergen – Oslo Train

Currently the train Bergen – Myrdal – Oslo has a very good frequency: 4 trains per day: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night. There are 2 short distance trains as well to cover the route Bergen – Myrdal. So is perfectly fine planning a long day visit from Oslo or Bergen and come back in the last train.

For tren timetables and tickets:


Is important to keep in mind that the route is around 40 kilometres in total (Return), so is not recommended for beginner. But the alternative is take the touristic train in the intermediate stations.


When to go there?

As the area is surrounded by mountains there are high probability of light rain, high humidity and fog majority of the year. From September to March are cold and snowy and less solar light because become dark around 4pm. Because of this the best time of the year for travel to the area is during the Spring – Summer time (End of April to End of August) when the days are long and the weather is not too cold.

Important things to know 
  • Bring your own food and drink because there are not stores, restaurants or cafes in the route. Just only in Flåm or Myrdal.
  • Wear or bring rain coats of waterproof clothes.
  • Hamlet for the bike is included with the rent.
  • There are luggage storage for free at the cafe in Myrdal Station. They will ask you for your tren ticket or bike rent receipt.
  • Accommodations are located the Flåm
  • Wear trekking or waterproof shoes.
  • Weather is unpredictable. Usually windy and rainy.
  • Is better to make the reservations in advance up to 1 or 2 months in order to avoid overprices or sold out tickets.